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Jefferson Zachariah Lawrence was born on August 10, 1880 on a farm near Mesquite in the Long Creek Community. He was given the nickname “Joe Z." He was educated in Reinhardt, Oats and Mesquite Schools and attended Baylor University at the age of 16.

In 1905, he married Mattie Easley, a school teacher. Three children were born: Mary, Wilma and Nannie. It was his desire for all his children to go to Baylor and all three girls did attend Baylor University. He later moved to the old Lawrence home place in 1929 and lived there until his death in May, 1948.

Mr. Lawrence was associated with the Republic National Bank of Dallas and had holdings there. He looked after his farm and acquired various holdings of land in this area. He is buried in the Motley Cemetery.